Any Good? Yea, it’s about Zombies

Tequila Zombies 2 – pure fun, no annoyances, no frustration, just hack n slash zombies left n right, have fun. Wonder why they bother making flash game sequels? You have any idea how popular this game is? Sick popular! True, there aint no “shader” graphics and original soundtracks and voice overs in flash games (sometimes there are), besides, you don’t actually get to save the game any continue anytime you want. But that’s the whole point, games like Tequila Zombies are convenient to play anytime anyplace like a “quicky” and there’s no need to save the game progress. And about graphics? Who said that was important? Everybody knows, well everyone somewhat relate with gaming industry, every advanced gamer knows gameplay > graphics. And the gameplay in Tequila Zombies 2 is awesome, like I said before, it’s a pure fun.

Now little bit about the actual gameplay: You can move your character in 2D left and right. To hit machete or shoot a gun left click or hit space bar. To pick up guns and items press down arrow. That’s it, though you can find mode detailed instructions inside the game menu or watch the gameplay, Tequila Zombies 2 Walkthrough Video on this website.

  • Instructions

    "Use Arrow Keys to Move Your Character Left and Right, Press Space or Left Click to Fire, Down Key to Pick up Items."

  • What’s This About

    "Don’t go looking for something spectacular, TZ2 is just a fun hack and slash, zombie killing game."

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